• A Head of our Times

    Re-Imagining the Heads of the Brummer Collection

  • Learning efficient sparse and low-rank models

    A formal connection betwen deep learning and optimization leads to (faster than) real time sparse and low rank modeling and coding.


  • Sparse similarity-preserving hashing

    Using a feed-forward network to learn high dimensional sparse hashing codes for multimodal data.

  • Sparse modeling of intrinsic correspondences

    Sparse modeling meets shape correspondence. 

  • Information, Child Mental Health, and Society


    Video analysis tools for the assesment of child mental health

  • Target detection in deep brain stimulation

    Automatic shape prediction of the STN/GPi in clinical low-field (1.5T) MRI exploiting structures from ultrahigh-field (7T) MRI.

  • Image processing for deep brain stimulation

    Segmentation system of the basal ganglia and thalamus exploiting the superior image quality of ultrahigh-field (7T) MRI.


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